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Pics from Our Show at The Red Victorian

Mar 8 '10  by keane  [ Photos | Shows and Events ]

Thanks to everyone who came to see us perform at The Red Victorian last Friday. Your support really does mean a lot. If you weren’t able to make it out, we played a short set of some mellowed-out versions of our songs. On “Beautiful,” for example, we played a rendition that was just vocals, guitar and a hint of synth. Nick brought half his drum kit, Ryan brought a synth, I played a Tele through a small combo and Gerald, well, just had to turn his volume down.

Here was our set list:

1.) Turn Out the Lights
2.) Hard to Leave
3.) Beautiful
4.) Keep
5.) Moving On

Thanks again for coming out and for all the positive feedback! Thanks to Claudia for the band pics.


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