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Our new album Hot City reviewed in Performer Magazine!

Dec 3 '10  by admin  [ Press ]

RECORD REVIEW: Festizio (San Francisco)
Hot City
By: Christopher Petro

Taking aim at love and loss, Hot City shows a band growing from their self-titled debut, proving that the colorful San Francisco four-piece is honing its sound. The moody electric wash is tight with structures that avoid lag or ostentatious solos.

Festizio offers a heavy hand of late ’80s New Age poised on melodic synths, catchy guitar hooks and quirky, heart-on-the-sleeve vocals. The song “Hard to Leave” has a conversational, unhurried rub with a nod to the Talking Heads. The song’s background is hazily lit by distant, murmuring keyboards, rapping percussion and singer Keane Li’s bold voice.

Li’s lyrics have also improved, but could still use tightening, “Why do you keep me from sleeping / how do you keep this fire burning / I find it hard to keep breathing” (“Keep”). Developing the lyrics further could displace the emotional straightforwardness, while adding an endearing level of complexity and depth – an important feat for any band.

Hot City is a cohesive sophomore release that showcases the group’s affection toward edgy guitars, electronic flourishes and measured percussion. It’s exciting to hear a band develop this much in only one album; Festizio has a sound that swells with potential. (Self-Released)

(link to review…)

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Hot City album release

Nov 19 '10  by nick  [ Band Updates | Music ]

The new Hot City CDs are officially here (or,  maybe you snagged one at the CD preview or La Pena shows?). While it’s not available online yet, you can pick one up at any of our future shows. However, there have been a few people who have had trouble importing the album into iTunes. If this is you, let us know – we have a freshly pressed batch that should fix the problem!

Our official release date is coming up. It’ll be on iTunes, Amazon and all your favorite places. Stay tuned!

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Photos from our Café Du Nord and La Peña shows

Nov 2 '10  by admin  [ Photos | Shows and Events ]

Thanks to everyone who came out to both shows! Photos by Sindy Wan, Andrew Tamura, and WLQ Photography.

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October 17 at Café Du Nord

Sep 13 '10  by admin  [ Band Updates | Shows and Events ]

(photo via the bootcuts)

Save the date! We’ll be releasing a limited preview of our new album, Hot City, at Café Du Nord on 10/17. Also performing are Johnny Hi-Fi and Lion Riding Horses. The concert is a benefit for Recovering Irma, a documentary film about domestic violence.

Remember to sign up for our Mailing List (form is on the right-side column of this page) to get a free copy of our album! It won’t be up for long.

Facebook Events Page
Tickets Link

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We’re back up and running!

Aug 26 '10  by keane  [ Uncategorized ]

Not even malware can keep us down. Please feel free to explore our temporary site while we recreate our custom theme.

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Be featured in our upcoming album – “Hot City” Happy Hour Photo Shoot

Jul 26 '10  by keane  [ Shows and Events ]

With our upcoming album properly mixed and mastered, all we need is to design the album for production. The album, entitled “Hot City,” mirrors in vibe the course of a night spent out, from an evening’s energetic highs to the poignancy of the inevitable sunrise. Keeping in line with the former and the album’s title, we’re throwing a photo shoot happy hour to capture the energy of a night out with friends!

Come join us at Hemlock Tavern this Thursday (7/29/10) at 9 pm for drinks and socializing as our friend and photographer Ryan Gillespie snaps photos for inclusion in our upcoming album.


More details about the event and what you might want to wear are included in the Facebook Event link above. To sign up to receive our album for free, subscribe to our Mailing List at the Festizio ReverbNation page.

Thanks again for your support. This is our shout-out to you, and we hope to include all your pretty faces in our release.

That last sentence sounded dirty.

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Goodbye, Gerald! Our venerable bassist departs for the East…

Jun 29 '10  by keane  [ Band Updates ]

An open letter from Gerald Pan, bassist:

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I will be leaving Festizio. I joined the band just about four years ago, and to be honest, it still feels like yesterday. I can still clearly remember walking into Hitwall the first time; the first song we played (an early incarnation of “Hot Blooded Bitch,” then called “City of Lights”); receiving the studio keys; sharing our first band beer; and the first show at Ireland’s 32, just a few months after the first rehearsal. Lest I become too sentimental, I’m just going to say that the memories have been spectacular. I never really imagined I would get to be in a rock band, much less record two albums. Nor did I ever expect I would have the honor of playing alongside, and learning from, the three most capable musicians I know.

In a month, I will be heading eastward to attend graduate school at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. I’ve heard it is slightly more mature than college. If you know of any good taquerias in that area, please let me know.”

I expect the guys to go on to achieve even greater things, and it is kind of up to the fans to get them there. Ladies, please continue to shower Keane with your hotel room keys. You can’t do that to Ryan or Nick – they’re taken.”

Good luck, Gerald! We’ll miss you, dude…



Sign up for our Mailing List and get a free pre-release copy of our new album, Hot City!

Jun 22 '10  by keane  [ Music ]

Okay, so this isn’t the cover of our new album, Hot City. It’s one of’s 22 Most Uncomfortable Album Covers Ever. But you can be sure our songs, now past the mastering stage with engineer Justin Weis of Trakworx, will be as sexy and suave as the two displayed above… minus the mustache.

Sign up for our Mailing List at ReverbNation and get a free copy of our album before it’s released to the public! We send emails out very infrequently, and it will be the primary source for events info.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter too!

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Just finished mixing our new album at Tiny Telephone

May 24 '10  by keane  [ Band Updates | Photos ]

Here are some photos from our recent sessions at Tiny Telephone, one of the best studios on the West Coast. We completed the mixing of our album with engineer Scott McDowell yesterday and really look forward to sharing it with everyone!

For a complete collection of photos, click here! And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the pending album release date!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Geek Girl on the Street – Music You Should Listen to: San Francisco’s Festizio

May 15 '10  by keane  [ Press ]

An amazing review for our first studio album in Geek Girl on the Street!

By Kate Kotler

Mix together Radiohead and Muse, add a dash of the SF music scene, and ice it with the smooth vocals of Keane Li, and what do you get?


This San Francisco band has been around and kicking for quite a while. Those in the know have been enjoying songs such as the slow, soulfully driven “Beautiful” and peppier live favorite “Get Up” at venues such as Slim’s and Grant and Green in SF. Fans get into the groove while watching four accomplished young musicians come together to create a new type of “San Francisco sound.”

In short: Festizio has been a well-kept musical secret for those in the Bay Area for several years.

Now, with the 2009 release of the band’s first studio album (self-titled), Festizio positioned themselves firmly to launch beyond the Bay and onto the national scene.

For a first album, the self-funded, self-produced Festizio (by Festizio) has super-impressive production qualities. It sounds as if the band had been sojourning in Paris with Nigel Godrich or on the road with Rich Costey… It is that professionally and expertly produced.

(I love alliteration.)

To be honest, I haven’t liked a local band this much since the year 2000 when I spent many a night down in LaLa watching Common Rotation (who were at that time known as 28 Orange Street) perform for packed bar crowds…

Listening to Festizio — live or on CD — takes me back to some sort of youthful musical bliss place that inspires me to write poetry or learn how to play the piano. (Or, maybe ukulele… you know, because I’m quirky.)

All in all it’s good stuff. And for $5.99 on CD Baby, it’s a great buy and great way to support indie artists in their quest for musical loveliness.

Seriously: Check out Festizio if you haven’t already — you will be glad you did.

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