Video and pics from our Hotel Utah show!

May 18 '11  by admin  [ Photos | Shows and Events | Videos ]

Thanks to everyone who came out to Hotel Utah last week! It was so great seeing the place packed with so many supportive people. Above, we’ve posted a video of us performing “Keep,” taken from one of our audience members.

Our next show is on June 1 at Café Du Nord!

1. Turn Out the Lights
2. Hot City
3. Dolores
4. Keep
5. Black Rain
6. Moving On
7. Questions (You Should Never Ask)
8. Always Reminds Me
9. Run

*new songs denoted by italics.

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Photos from our Café Du Nord and La Peña shows

Nov 2 '10  by admin  [ Photos | Shows and Events ]

Thanks to everyone who came out to both shows! Photos by Sindy Wan, Andrew Tamura, and WLQ Photography.

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Just finished mixing our new album at Tiny Telephone

May 24 '10  by keane  [ Band Updates | Photos ]

Here are some photos from our recent sessions at Tiny Telephone, one of the best studios on the West Coast. We completed the mixing of our album with engineer Scott McDowell yesterday and really look forward to sharing it with everyone!

For a complete collection of photos, click here! And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the pending album release date!

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Red Devil Lounge Show Pics!

Apr 12 '10  by keane  [ Photos | Shows and Events ]

Thanks to everyone that came out to Red Devil Lounge last night! Big thanks to Deborah Crooks and Grace Woods for sharing the stage with us. Here are some amazing photos courtesy of Ryan Gillespie.

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Photos from our set on the Cheap Hooch Show on Pirate Cat Radio

Mar 26 '10  by keane  [ Photos | Shows and Events ]

Thanks to everyone who listened on Wednesday (and those that called in with questions – yes, ESPECIALLY the shower question guy) to the Cheap Hooch Show on Pirate Cat Radio. If you missed it, you can stream the entire episode on their podcast site here.

And thanks to Holly GoEasy for the awesome Bacon Maple Latte!

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Pics from Our Show at The Red Victorian

Mar 8 '10  by keane  [ Photos | Shows and Events ]

Thanks to everyone who came to see us perform at The Red Victorian last Friday. Your support really does mean a lot. If you weren’t able to make it out, we played a short set of some mellowed-out versions of our songs. On “Beautiful,” for example, we played a rendition that was just vocals, guitar and a hint of synth. Nick brought half his drum kit, Ryan brought a synth, I played a Tele through a small combo and Gerald, well, just had to turn his volume down.

Here was our set list:

1.) Turn Out the Lights
2.) Hard to Leave
3.) Beautiful
4.) Keep
5.) Moving On

Thanks again for coming out and for all the positive feedback! Thanks to Claudia for the band pics.


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Photos from the Chabot Space & Science Center Planetarium

Feb 22 '10  by keane  [ Photos | Shows and Events ]

We had a really great time playing at the Chabot Space & Center last Friday. Performing in their planetarium was both a unique and ambient experience. Thanks to all of you who made the trek up the mountain to enjoy the moment with us.

Some of you have asked about our set list. Here it is, with some song notes appended. You can find the lyrics at the bottom of our press page.

1.) Get Up
2.) Turn Out the Lights
3.) Alive
4.) Beautiful
5.) Moving On
6.) Hot City (debut)
7.) Keep
8.) Hard to Leave
9.) Always Reminds Me (debut, here’s an acoustic version recorded the next morning)
10.) Questions You Should Never Ask
11.) Every Now and Again

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