Video and pics from our Hotel Utah show!

May 18 '11  by admin  [ Photos | Shows and Events | Videos ]

Thanks to everyone who came out to Hotel Utah last week! It was so great seeing the place packed with so many supportive people. Above, we’ve posted a video of us performing “Keep,” taken from one of our audience members.

Our next show is on June 1 at Café Du Nord!

1. Turn Out the Lights
2. Hot City
3. Dolores
4. Keep
5. Black Rain
6. Moving On
7. Questions (You Should Never Ask)
8. Always Reminds Me
9. Run

*new songs denoted by italics.

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  • Tarabu

    u00a0nice video piece. I like it~! T~u00a0

  • suki

    Oh, I forgot to drop off the Flip with you the other night. There’s more video from the other side of the room!u00a0

  • keane

    Awesome, thanks!

  • keane

    Thanks, that means a lot :)

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