Hot City album release

Nov 19 '10  by nick  [ Band Updates | Music ]

The new Hot City CDs are officially here (or,  maybe you snagged one at the CD preview or La Pena shows?). While it’s not available online yet, you can pick one up at any of our future shows. However, there have been a few people who have had trouble importing the album into iTunes. If this is you, let us know – we have a freshly pressed batch that should fix the problem!

Our official release date is coming up. It’ll be on iTunes, Amazon and all your favorite places. Stay tuned!

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  • Mike Price

    This is me Keane! I remember telling you this and im glad I was not the only one! how can I get another copy?

  • keane

    Hey, Mike!nnYou can pick up another copy at one of our future shows. We’ll be sure to bring the updated copies.nnThanks!

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HOT CITY (2011)

CD Baby
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CD Baby
Amazon MP3

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